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Frequency Control Rules and Procedures

1. Before turning on a transmitter anywhere in field vicinity (within 3 miles), you must “own” or “capture” the proper frequency. This includes in and around vehicles and pit area in addition to flying.

2. To “own” or “capture” a frequency, raise the appropriate T-bar on the frequency control board to the “up” position and hold with a clothes pin. Attach your current national membership card under clothes pin. This gives a name to each used frequency.

3. When turning on your transmitter, check to see if any airborne aircraft are affected. Be prepared to turn it off immediately if trouble is observed.

4. If sharing a frequency with other flyers, lower frequency bar and remove your card after your flight to make it available for someone else to use.

5. When others are sharing your frequency, please limit flight time to approximately twenty minutes and then relinquish the frequency to the next person. Be courteous.

6. Never remove anyone else’s membership card from the frequency board. Locate the pilot and ask him to remove it.

7. If you improperly use the frequency board and turn on a transmitter which causes damage to another pilot’s aircraft, you could be responsible for damages.

8. No 50 MHz amateur radio equipment (non-RC) shall be used at the field.

NOTE -  Users of 2.4 radios are not exempt. Pilots using 2.4 radios are required to clip their membership card on the board in the appropriate location.

















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